Thursday, September 13, 2007

HernCo Enterprises, 2001-2007

It's with a heady mix of ambivalence and relief--I never posted on the thing anymore, it was hideously ugly thanks to my nonexistent web design skills, and it was a minute but unpredictable drain on my checking account that always hit at the worst time--that I announce the unsung demise of HernCo Enterprises (hernco[dot]net). That also means the end of the cjh[at]hernco[dot]net email address, so I'll be using coryjherndon[at]gmail[dot]com as the primary address for all things related to this blog. Drop me a line sometime, I'll probably check that address at least once a month. I swear. (Especially if someone can tell me why I'm writing [at] and [dot] instead of nifty symbols like "@" and "." I mean, when did we all start doing that? Or is this some elaborate practical joke?)

Whatever the case, HernCo Enterprises was my first attempt at collecting all of whatever there was about me online in a single place, and it's going to be a job of work to replace the links I used to keep there. But ultimately it was for the best. If you never saw it, imagine Ain't It Cool News circa 1996 (or 2007, actually), but using only solid colors that are most charitably described as Joker-ish and a textual appeal that truly lived up to the GeoCities name, for of course it was one of those. It was also a "small business site" through which I never sold anything and did I mention the GeoCities?

It was my first real attempt at that sort of thing, and ol' HernCo will have a spot in my soulless android bosom for many of your Earth years to come. That said, if you're someone who was emailing me via the address or actually visiting that site in the hope that it might be updated someday--and seriously, if it's the latter, what's wrong with you?--now's the time to stop and switch over.

So long, self-important home page. May flights of ninjas, monkeys, and flying ninja monkeys (which really goes without saying, seeing as how the ninjas, monkeys, et al were already organized into "flights," implying the act of flying) utterly erase your existence from the Internets. Except the part where I continue using "HernCo" as a header for the news links.

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