Saturday, September 09, 2006

It Means "Helmet Lizard."

Welcome to Corythosaurus. I'm Cory Herndon, and when I was five years old I discovered I was named after a dinosaur.

I write things, and I intend to write more things here as time allows. During the day, I write about pirates for this game, and put words in their mouths. You'd think it would be all Yarrring and Yo-Hoing, but it turns out pirates say things between those words occasionally. Until a few months ago, I did much the same thing on this other game.

By nights and weekends, I write fiction, including the Magic: the Gathering Ravnica trilogy, and this, and this, and some other things. I've got a website where you can find links to all of those, as well as leftovers from when I was trying to do all of this with clumsy tools I didn't really understand. This is so much easier.

I'm not sure what this blog's going to focus on yet, but I'm thinking I might ramble on about comic books, what I'm working on, what I'm watching, what I'm playing, and if you're very unlucky, what I'm eating.

Speaking of which, today was a Dick's Deluxe and 2 cheese for lunch, and then S.P. cooked sole and green beans for dinner washed down with a Fat Tire. I don't usually eat breakfast.

Tonight's feature was The Ladykillers with Alec Guiness and the evening will soon conclude with some Enchanted Arms. Fine game, if you enjoy the classic, linear, Japanese RPG style, with all the weirdness and turn-based hijinks that come with it. But funny as it is, it can't beat the Ladykillers. Yet.

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