Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Voicing Pirates

So I volunteered to help with voices and audio on Pirates of the Burning Sea, and yesterday we hit the studio to record incidental dialogue and what the sound engineer calls "exerts"--sound effects that play during avatar combat (duels, swordplay, and the like). And as is often the case, I didn't *just* get to skip a day of work to hang out in the recording studio and eat a free cheeseburger--I also learned a few things, too.

1) I only have the one pirate voice, and he's a combination of Steve the Pirate from the movie "Dodgeball" and the sea captain from the Simpsons.

2) My "proper English" voice bounces back and forth between Patrick Stewart and Jeeves.

3) Improvising in a Spanish or French accent is really hard.

4) The sound you make when you toss sand in someone's eyes is very similar to the sound you make when you get slashed across the cheek.

5) Everyone's favorite sound effect was the "I've just been stabbed in the eye" sound.

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